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On-Air Interview with Vince Tropea, KOVE Radio Station, Lander, WY- August 2023


What is "What Band?" What Band? is America's BEST one-man-band and the jewell of music in Gillette, Wyoming.

"What Band?" is the name of Keith's 21rst century one-man-band act (version 2.0) that is totally unique to Gillette, Wyoming and perhaps the whole music world. "What Band?" consists of just one guy, a drummer (never-the-less) who can arrive at a gig, setup and be ready to rock in just a few minutes and he sounds exactly like the original songs, recordings or bands we all grew up with and always at a lower price than any other live band.

Simple Pricing: Always, thee best price providing thee highest quality music available in this state. Contact me, we'll work something out.

Music style/genre is your choice or I will simply play a good variety of hits. I do private parties, musically themed events, weddings, corporate events, music festivals, casino work, local restaurants, hotel and business venues.

I can play for three days straight and never play the same song twice: I have approximately 1100+ songs as of 8/23/2023 with more songs being added to the song list all the time. I perform 17 different genres covering over 450 well-known popular American artists, bands and groups. What other band can make these claims?... only WHAT BAND? CAN!!!

I play all the hits you all grew up with (current hits too) and my performances are broadcast quality, they sound just like the original recordings. News Flash: I'm actually playing on top of some of the original recordings now.

You won't find another one-man-band (a single person performer) who sounds this good!

Based on my past performances, I feel obligated to make the following distinction: Many audience members (and people who hire me) mistake me for a DJ. I'm paid via envelopes that have "DJ" written on them. Sorry, I'm not a DJ. A quick Google search tells us there are over 11,000 pro DJs currently in US (2024). They charge an average of $50 - $100 per hour. When trying to perform a Google search for “professional Zendrummers" in the US… Google could NOT perform the search. That tells us how trully unique and rare professional Zendrummers really are. A Rare Breed Indeed! I am a professional Zendrummer performing as a drummer on top of some of the world's best songs & music.

I literally ask audience members if they know what I'm doing up there on the stage? Few do. I've gotten answers like, "playing the bass", "playing the guitar", and thee most accurate of them all...but still incorrect..."playing music." So tell me, on what planet have you seen a bass guitar or a regular guitar with 28 hard black buttons on it? Seriously?!!! Yes, I'm playing to or with (or on top of) the songs but the true question is, "What instrument am I playing that is blending into the music you're hearing?" I am not a DJ but a professional musician/performer actually playing a live instrument ON TOP OF the songs you're enjoying. I am your DRUMMER...for the whole show! The drums in the music you hear the whole time I'm on stage... that's me, playing drums is what I'm doing on stage. I'm the drummer playing live drums on top of all those professionally recorded songs... that are all lacking their own recorded drum tracks. There are no recorded drum tracks in my songs. I'm providing the live drum track on top of all my 800+ songs. A DJ simply spins records, plays recordings, adjusts some knobs, sliders, buttons, etc... but I'm actually performing for my audience (playing live drums) using this very unique instrument called a Zendrum. If you must, think of me as a DJ with a unique musical performance talent.

If you wish to request a song at any of my gigs, your request MUST come from my own Song Library (see link just below). Feel free to drop a tip along with your request. The songs I play drums to MUST be first acquired then "treated" to remove the existing recorded drum track before I can play them on stage. Lots of rehearsal time required to learn the songs after acquiring a bunch of new ones. So please note, if your request is not in my Song Library... it is NOT missing the drum track therefore there is no need for me to play drums on top of recorded drums. If I played just any old song you requested or you wanted to hook your cell phone to my PA system (assuming you have the proper audio connector required) and blast out some YouTube audio, ... without the song being "treated" first, then yes, I would simply be performing DJ duties.

I'm more than a DJ, I'm actually a drummer performing for you, playing live drums on top of my treated drum-less songs... I'm a professional musician/performer... playing drums in a manner most people have never seen nor heard but really enjoy and are honestly intrigued. My musical act is most unique, most unusual, new and different... making me therefore... one of America's Most Unique Bands and certainly America's Best Sounding One-Man-Band to boot! I am not a DJ. I'm providing a new and exciting premium musical experience and should be charging accordingly. Going to have to revisit my pricing structure. I'm way under pricing my product but I do enjoy performing in front of a live audience and always... at a much more reduced price than any other live band.

Here is my current Song Library as of 11/12/2022:

View by Song Title: This is a twenty-six page PDF document, you must have a PDF document reader on your device to veiw this list. Many web browsers can view PDFs too.
View by Artist: Another twenty-six page PDF sorted by Artist, Band or Group name.

If you need top-quality musical entertainment for your next event or you need music and you need it quick and easy (on short notice) or you're on a tight budget, What Band? is the call to make.

Contact: Keith Lawton (sole member of the band)
Phone: (307) 680-1001
Email: klawton10@gmail.com

52 rehearsal videos on YouTube, one take, no editing (except for adding Song Titles)
(You will be taken to YouTube!)

September 27, 2019 Gillette Physical Therapy Customer Appreciation BBQ performing "1950s Medley "

September 27, 2019 Gillette Physical Therapy Customer Appreciation BBQ performing "In The Basement"

September 8, 2018 Red Hat Society Convention performing a Beach Boys "Medley"

September 8, 2018 Red Hat Society Convention performing The Four Season's "Big Girls Don't Cry"

April 27, 2018 Crawfish Boil performing Kenny Loggins' "Your Momma Don't Dance"

April 27, 2018 Crawfish Boil performing Sanford Townsend Band's "Smoke From a Distant Fire"

March 23, 2018 Best Western Towers West Silvercreek Steakhouse Bar performing Reba McEntire's "Fancy"

March 23, 2018 Best Western Towers West Silvercreek Steakhouse Bar performing Patsy Cline's "Crazy"

2017 Crawfish Boil Full Song video performing Boz Scagg's "Low Down"

2016 Gillette's Got Talent (a short demonstration) then I play the "Theme to Hawaii 50"


How What Band? moves his gear from van to stage and back...